Thorpe will fight to insure the city of Burlington welcomes people of all different cultures, gender, race, sexuality, religions, and ethnicity.

Law Enforcement: John Thorpe wants to reduce the crime rate in Burlington. John believes the most important job for elected officials is to make sure their constituents are safe. This is why Thorpe will fund Burlington's Police Department so they can add more patrol officers, and cars. It is extremely important that officers build a relationship with members of the community, and members of that community can feel comfortable with an officer. This is why John Thorpe believes in Community Policing. This way police officers can personally know each member of the community in Burlington, while members of the community can trust their local law enforcement officer. John will also fund more surveillance cameras that law enforcement can use to record on city property.

Economy: The city of Burlington has to add more locally owned banks. John would work to make sure there is a bank within every 5 sq miles. We need to eliminate food deserts by adding grocery stores. John will fight to get a grocery store or farmers market within every 2 miles. North Carolina is the home of NASCAR, yet we are the only State in the South without a car industry. This is why John wants to attract a car plant to Burlington. This will bring many high paying jobs to the city.

Education: John supports the Alamance Makers Guild. He believes in working to get a Makers Space the Mayco Bigelow Center, Fairchild, and Joe C. Davidson Park. Thorpe believes there needs to be a new recreational center, and Library in the E. Webb area of Burlington.

Transportation: John Thorpe wants to expand Link Transit hours of operation, stops, and days. Thorpe believes that in order to eliminate poverty we must do the most important thing as a people in helping those get to their job.

Healthcare: John thinks it's 4 thing each community need in order to thrive: a education facility, a bank, a grocery store, and a health facility. This is why John wants it to be a walk-in clinic within every community in Burlington.